Michael Metcalf

In my work I focus on energy and evolution of form. Due to my innovative use of structure, the forms which I create imply movement and life. Most of the works are built from the spine out, yielding images which imply graceful force, while still maintaining calculated stability.

Structure and efficiency of design are the major determining factors in the evolution of natural forms in my work. My work has a strong sense of internal strength because I build out from a central spine and add and subtract material without compromising the essential structure of the piece or the clarity of the surface. While my work reflects nature, it does not copy it. My sculpture derives its shape from idealized natural as well as man-made forms. Though my pieces do not look like specific natural phenomena, one often senses that they are alive. All of my pieces explore the relationship between curves - how many simple curves create complex forms which evoke tension, movement, and beauty. My goal is to create a positive interaction between the viewer and the sculpture, and generate a contemplative and positive visual experience.

I build my works with, integrity, being true to materials and deliberate in my execution. I have mastered many different construction skills, therefore I use the appropriate materials and techniques required to express my ideas and to create strong, coherent, and honest sculptures. As each sculpture is a progression of many small procedures from conception to completion, each step must be addressed and considered; all are integral to a successful sculpture. Each of my sculptures is an answer to a question; each sculpture leads to a new question. Consequently, my work is constantly developing into new forms and new directions, much as nature evolves and changes over time.