LINDA BREWER, a potter who bonds similarities, humor and fragility between animals and man, sculpts animals from a red roof tile clay using coil, slab and pinch techniques and glazed with multi layers of underglazes while still at the "green" stage, fired, then adorned with horse hair, wire, feathers to complete the unique personality of each creature. Brewer is interested in creating constructions integrating found objects and ceramic pieces.

MARY FISHER - The focus of Mary’s work is architecture. She looks at buildings in the wild and in books. "They get jumbled in my head and sorted out by my hands." She builds with extruded pieces of clay, which she says is like playing with Legos. The more pieces you have to play with, the more you can move things around until the right combination appears.

PATRICK HORSLEY produces decorative ceramics with vivid glazes, stongly influenced by both modern and primitive architecture.

RANDY O'BRIEN - After 15 years of experimentation and thousands of glaze tests, O’Brien perfected a unique "crawl" glaze for his pots. He takes his inspiration from nature and recreates the texture and brilliance of color found in mosses, lichens, coral and mineral formations.
NANCY PHILLIPS Phillips makes brightly colored, fun and functional ceramic clocks. She has a passion for ceramic mosaics and tables, lamps, birdhouses and totems are in her repertoire. She is strictly a hand-builder, but experiments with many techniques in that genre.

MARIANNA ROUMELL-GASTEYER - After years of sketching forms of all kinds on two-dimensional clay surfaces to produce exquisite majolica ware, Mariana's ceramic art has wandered into a world of three-dimensions. Her new sculptural pieces are wood fired or fired in an electric kiln with high fire glazes used in wood firing.

CLAUDE SMITH III fires his pottery using several different techniques - some raku fired, others sagger fired and recently salt glazing. For him clay provides a wonderfully plastic and tactile medium that allows an expressive outlet visualized in 3-dimensional forms whether sculptural or functional.