LINDA BREWER, considers herself a potter who bonds similarities, humor and fragility between animals and man. She sculpts animals from a red roof tile clay using coil, slab and pinch techniques and glazed with multi layers of underglazes while still at the "green" stage, fired, then adorned with horse hair, wire, feathers to complete the unique personality of each creature. Brewer is interested in creating constructions integrating found objects and ceramic pieces.

TODD SHELBY is the other partner of Animalia Pottery. But his creativity, imagination and artistic talent extend to creation of welded sculptures, mixed media “angels” made from found objects, and ceramic sculpture. Karen Pritchett and Todd Shelby collaborate to make fun and functional earthenware pottery. Karen does most of the throwing; both decorate, each in a distinctive style.

CECILIA STANFORD, mosaic artist and object maker, has created contemporary art and mosaics for the past 25 years. Architectural mosaics, usually site-specific, are for both public and home sites, and her community involvement includes mentoring children and adults with disabilities to create murals and public installations.